"Bean to Bar" International workshop in India is Returning. Conducted by International experts Stephen Durfee, and Andal Balu from USA

Bean to Bar Workshop 20 to 23rd November 2017 Everything you need to know about starting your own sweet dream business in small-batch artisan chocolate and farm tour on 4th day.

This intensive course will teach you all the theory and hand-on training about the steps to make small-batch craft chocolate.  If you are planning to start a trendy "Bean to Bar" business or expanding your pastry business, this is the right workshop for you.

What You Will Learn?

You will learn the critical quality factors in selecting the beans, bean sources, roasting of beans, cracking, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering and molding of chocolate bars and making ganache, bon-bon etc.  You will have intensive hands-on training on all the process steps using state of the art machines.  You will also learn about chocolate tasting.Includes farm tour on day 4 to visit cacao trees and processing.


The course is taught by internationally known Industry experts and chocolate makers Stephen L. Durfee, C.E.P.CMrs. Andal Balu of CocoaTown in a pioneer in Bean to Bar Industry.

When:  20 to 23rd November 2017
Where: Coimbatore, India
Fees: US$ 1,250 includes farm tour

Program Details

Day 1 Morning Introduction, Cacao related to preharvesting, bean quality evaluation
  12 -1 pm lunch break
  Afternoon sorting and preparing beans for processing, roasting, cracking & winnowing theory & practical, Pregrinding & grinding - introduction and practical session on grinding
Day 2 Morning Roasting theory, Cracking & winnowing theory, grinding & conching theory - grinding follow-up
  12 -1 pm lunch break
  Afternoon evaluation of grinding process -part 1, Preparing & Adding ingredients, evaluation of grinding process -part 2 and introduction to tasting chocolates & sensory evaluation.
  6-9 pm Wine and chocolate pairing and Network Dinner.
Day 3 Morning Tempering & Molding - theory and hands-on Practical
  12 -1 pm lunch break
  Afternoon bon bons and truffle making practical, participant feedback & certificates distribution and introduction to business plan
 Day 4 All Day Farm Tour - post harvesting.

Organized by

CocoaTown, USA,
M&N Goodies Pvt Ltd, Ooty and
GANACHE For Da Chocoholics, Coimbatore, India